My Modifications on the Vellemann

I did a extravagant modification on my Vellemann Printer

waaaauw!!!, i like the cabinet, how much did it cost? and is it worth the money?

The Cabinet is from Trendstand and the cost is round about 300 € but only the very nice Alu Profile.
I will sell my Vellemann with all modifications but without the cabinet.

Hi bernd14,

you didn’t use the heater block in the configuration shown in the fifth picture, did you?


Hello kuraasu,

Yes the Heater Block is in use only with a connection plug, cause i have to replce it very often.
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Bernd Schwärzel

In the picture the thermistor is not in the right spot.

Hi 2stimpy,

my thought exactly. But if the printer worked ok before for Bernd, I guess the thermistor was set correctly at that time.


Everything work fine, don’t be confused by the pictures cause for better photo i replaced something from the original position.