My MK120 doesn't seem to work at all

first of all, I’m really a noobie in electronics - I have never done this before, or anything like it.
I ended up buying this kit because I need it for a school project.

It wasn’t so hard to make (burt my fingers couple times using the solder for the first time) but now that it is finished, it seems not to work at all. I try to look through a digital camera but nothing there. I used to NEW 9V batteries. Does it matter which brand you use?

I checked polarity, and everything should be fine. I don’t understand why it isn’t working…

Thanks for anyone who can clear this up,


As this is your first time, it is very likely that one or more assembly mistakes have been made.
Troubleshooting your kit without actually being able to check it out is impossible.
Have somebody with experience take a look at your kit (e.g. your distributor).
Also, check the numerous posts on this item.

I’ve checked all the other posts, but tho others ahve something working. Mine doesn’t work at all.

I’ve checked all parts for assembly mistakes, i’ve check polarity, i’ve checked wether i didn’t use the wrong capacitor, I’ve checked the transistors.

What are other common mistakes? Maybe I didn’t solded it very well.

Thx for the quick reply.

Soldering is very poor and very likely the cause of troubles.
Make sure to heat joints long enough for solder to flow properly, without heating too long to cause damage.
This will get better as you gain more experience.
Can you also post pictures of the component placement
Please post them as a link, not as pictures.