My K8044, the PIC (IC1 - PIC16F627A) are not working ok

Hello !
My K8044, the PIC (IC1 - PIC16F627A) are not working ok, only flash the leds, not is possible change the programs on Switchs !
Is possible you change it ?
Thanks !

Hello @Rafael_t ,

Please open a new ticket here, so we can help you further.

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It’s not possible for me logged on Velleman site because I am a final consumer !

I have contacted Portuguese Mauser online store ( for solved this problem (I have buy this Kit at one week ago)!

If possible, please help me, because, provably the problem are on IC1 - PIC16F627A (he are damage or have to re-programmed again)

Many thanks on advance !


Hi Rafael

How is your project going now?

Have a nice day