My biggest print on Vertex

Diameter 195mm and 225mm height!

Print speed 45mm/s
Layer height 0.25mm, 0.6mm nozzle
Infill 20%
Support touching bed for over 80° edges only (under the pot is a flat emptiness)
PLA white (ProFill Ral 9003 @198°C)

Print time 22 hours and 17 minutes


Wow! Is it a lampshade a vase or just art? How much does it weight? My longest print time so far was 20:42 hours. Now my delta has printed 3km of filament since I have it.

It’s a… special vase, can’t say more at the moment, but will post the final project when ready :wink: It weights about 380gr

here is my longest print on the k8800 26 hours:

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