Motor actuation, program code modification and speed sensor

I have K 8055 USB board. I have managed to display the output of the sensor on the PC but i don’t know how to use this voltage to make the actuation of a motor.Can you please guide me in this regard that how can i make the actuation of the motor (changes in software program).

I am new to all this electronic stuff so can you please give me some new basic VC++ codes so that i can play with the borad by making changes in the program.

Moreover i want to display the data of rotational speed sensor. Data sheet of which can be founf from the following link. … 8087_1.pdf.

Please guide me for this as well what schanges hould i do in the hardware and software program.

We try to help you if you encounter some problems using the K8055 card in your application.
With that information you gave it is not possible to give any suggestions how to proceed.
What kind of motor are you trying to control? (Type, voltage, current etc…?).

Have you written any code for the K8055 yet?

About the C++ programming please download the files listed below for some info. Sorry, no other code available at the moment.
Maybe you’ll find some from the Web using Google…

Check also the links:

On the download site:
Software development utilities and examples:

  • New DLL (rev 3.0.2) file for K8055 & VM110, with Windows Vista support.
  • Also special Microsoft VC++ version and executable examples.
  • DLL rev 2 with examples and soure code (this source can be uses also with DLL Rev 3.)
  • Graphical DEMO in Visual Basic with soure code
  • Software example for VC 2005
  • Installable DEMO Package w/o source code
  • Source code files for Borland C++ builder, Visual Basic 6.0 and Delphi 6.x
  • Source code for C/C++ Interpreter Ch
  • for more information about Ch:
  • … n/#chk8055
  • 3rd. party, National Instruments Labview driver for the K8055 board