MK194N Radio didn't work. Circuit board melted on FM Antenna

Spent ages with my 11year old daughter making this radio only for the board to melt on one of the last solders!!! So frustrating. Not to say that it would have worked anyway as I must admit my soldering knowledge/ability is questionable. What am I to do!!??!


Hello timverrinder,

I am certainly not an expert, but what do you mean with ‘melten down’. Is it not working at all anymore and how did you test that? It’s not normal that a circuit board melts down during soldering, at what temperature do you solder? I hope I can help you with your problem.


Hello Max, thanks for your reply! Much appreciated. When doing one of the FM Antenna solders (very fiddly!!) the metal bit on the circuit board apparently melted (see Pics) and the plastic was smoking. All the other metal bits were fine on the heat setting, just this one so I think it’s ruined and beyond repair. Was a real shame because my daughter was really into the concept of what we were doing but this was disappointing and left her (and myself) a little dispirited.

We were really looking forward to completing her radio!!

Hello Tim,

I have looked at your module that is broken down, and it is replaceable! If you order it and desolder the old one, then you may be able to place the new one in. The module I am talking about is the MM100 from Velleman. I don’t know where you are from, but I have put a link to the Dutch Amazon site and
it hope I can help you. Also, again, at what temperature are you soldering? It would be a shame if you destroy it again because of too high temperatures. Normal temperature is ~350*C.

Hope I can help

AMAZON NLÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=mm100+velleman&qid=1592317850&sr=8-1

Hello…my experience is also not good with this board. In endeavor to patch the segments onto the board and cutting the abundance off the leads the tracks on the board would separate and sever the board. Incapable to complete undertaking.
I had the option to scratch away the covering over the tracks and reconnect three of the many broken cushions that isolated from the board so as to get the thing useful. Radio presently works. For a bind venture intended to assist those like me with learning how to weld I believe I ought not have needed. I remain by my unique score of 2/5 stars. I’ve fastened together six velleman weld ventures and never had an issue with the pcb itself. Can’t state I could ever attempt elenco extends again except if they improve their quality.