MK193 - cube 3x3x3 - piece of sh*t

i’m very disappointed, waste of money and time. the board has some shitty protection layer, and soldering hardly works.

i have a question for designer of this toy - how the hell do you solder it??? it just doesn’t hold, rosin didn’t help much… it was a hell to solder each of those components to that board (they just don’t hold there).

please compare your board to some other generic board (we have many of these and guess what, they all work very well) :

and then some LEDs blink, some don’t, then you push finger harder on that chip and voila, they all blink, copying animation is a problem as well, it just stops somewhere in the middle (progress bar), the software crashes (when you disconnect the cable).

finally, this toy goes straight to electric waste…

no more from velleman, thank you.