MK193 - CB3 Files sharing - Various suggestions


Just assembled MK193, and it looks great. Still have two questions about it:

  • Is there a way to retrieve the original CB3 file containing the animations that are originally loaded, so that I have a “backup” of it if I want to reinstall it after having done other changes ?

  • Is there a place where CB3 files are shared between users, as proposed on the product page ? Would be nice to share everyone’s designs !

After the huge success of those kits of 3D cubes, are you planning a RGB cube ? (Say yes, please… say yes !)
If so, here’s a suggestion: use small long PCB’s to mount the RGB LED’s: this will insure more rigidity to the structure, and a easier way for everyone to solder the leads

And here’s another suggestion: would be terrific to have acrylic panels to protect the cube: four side panels (two having a cutout for USB cable and button access) and a top panel.
Should you sell these ones, I definitely would buy them !

Bye for now, and keep on doing great kits !

The CubeAnimator software allows you to restore the default animations.
Currently there are no plans for other cubes or add-ons at this time, sorry.