MK189 Battery Monitor in 6 volt


For an old vehicle, is there a solution to adapt the mk189 kit for a 6 volt battery?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @JPP ,

This is not possible to use on 6V.

Since the microprocessor software and electronic circuit is not designed for this voltage (measurement 6V).

The electronic scheme is also not suitable for this low supply voltage of 6V. Minimum supply voltage is 8V. Further the Software (firmware) has not been adapted for this. The internal mapping (calculations) is done between 0 - 22V. If you connect 6V, a Low Voltage level will always be shown.

Te internal mapping calculations are:
RED: 5-10.9V battery low
GREEN: 11 - 13.2V battery OK
GREEN GLOW: 13.3 - 17.7V battery charging
RED BLINK: 15.8 + battery NG or overcharging

This requires a completely new design and reprogramming of the microprocessor.

Best regards,
Velleman Support