MK188 - Snubber network for inductive loads?

It appears that the MK188 timer (1sec - 60hr pulse-pause) can be used to control an inductive load at 120VAC/60Hz. According to the description of the project in which this load is implemented, the amount of current drawn is about 10A, though this amount may not be precise. From what has been said elsewhere, however, using an electromechanical relay to control an inductive load can cause relay contacts to wear out earlier than normal because a high voltage spike can occur when power is removed from an inductive load. It has also been mentioned that one possible workaround is a snubber network which may be connected across the relay contacts or across the load. (For the SONG CHUAN 888H-1CH-F-C IR relay, which appears to be the model used in the MK188, the relay data sheet gives a rating of 16A/240VAC for a resistive load. The maximum switching current and voltage is 17A and 277VAC, and the maximum switching capacity is given as 4080VA.)

The question is whether a snubber network would be particularly important when using the MK188 to control an inductive load at 120VAC/60Hz/approximately 10A and if so, what component values would work best. (A commonly mentioned combination for a snubber network is a 100nF/0.1uF capacitor that is rated for a high voltage (i.e. 275V) connected in series with a resistor of 100 or 220 ohms rated at 1 watt.) Thanks.

Although the relay is rated for Air Conditioning equipment, it is a good idea to use a snubber network.
100 ohm/1W and 100nF/400V in series should do the job.
Make sure the wiring is properly done to avoid any risk of fire or electrical shock.