MK188 no power switch to NO and COM

there is power 24vdc on - and +. You can hear the relais switching, but i don’t get power on COM and NO. What could be the reason for this problem.

The MK188 uses a relay.
Relays do not provide power they switch power on and off.

To make it simple say you want a 12 volt light bulb (powered by a battery) to turn on and off.
Wire the positive from the battery to the positive to the light bulb.
Take the negative side of the battery and wire it to the “Com” of the MK188
Now wire the “NO” (Normally Open) of the MK188 to the negative side of the light bulb.
When the relay turns off and on the light bulb will turn off and on.

Sorry this is the best I can explain it.

Thank you. It’s clear

Glad to have been able to help.