MK182 Digital Echo problem

I just finished making MK182 and I does not work at all.
IC2 just gets really hot after a while. I don’t see any solder bridges anywhere.
What could it be that is causing it? Apparently I have done something wrong but what?

I’m sorry but my crystal ball is defective… So I can’t say from a distance what is wrong.

As asked in many other posts: use an external link to post SHARP photo’s with high resolution of component side and solder side.

I’m sorry for not posting any images. Quite frankly as a new poster in this forum I was not aware of such a rule.
However, I cannot provide you with one as I don’t have my camera at home at the moment and the image quality
of my cell phone leaves a lot to be desired.

I have now checked the polarity of all ICs, electrolytic caps and diodes and they are ok. Is it possible that a cold
joint could cause IC2 to heat up? I have not found one yet, but it does not mean one would not exist.

It’s not a rule, it’s the only way to provide us all here with the necessary information.

It’s probably a soldering fault (short circuit between to pads?).

Ok. Do I feel stupid now. I had accidentally switched LM386N-1 and LM358. I put those in correct sockets and no more heating (small wonder).
I checked polarities, joints and pretty much all I can imagine…but not that. [facepalm]

After I had solved that problem another one came up. Buzzing noise from the speaker. The microphone was not properly grounded so I removed it
from the pcb. I cleaned all the pins and soldered the mic back on and now everything works like it should.

Because you assumed that that wasn’t possible? Rule number x in problem solving: “Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.”
Never make assumptions because in the end you’ll mostly find out that what you thought was impossible, is real.

Small wonder your IC’s survived but I’m glad it’s working now!