Mk180 power supply

can I run the MK180 from a 6 volt supply with the supplied components? If not what components would I have to change to make it work on 6v?

Two white leds in series usually drop a little over 6V, so they will not light.
Use only one led instead of two and adjust the series resistor.
Remove the 78L05 regulator and bridge the outer pins.
Make sure input voltage does not exceed 6V.

OK thanks for that - I should have given a little more information.
I want to use the MK180 on a motorcycle which has a 6v system to flash the new LED indicators. Each replacement ‘bulb’ has 7 LED’s on it so the kit would need to flash 14 LED’s, total = about 300ma at 6 volts. The regulator on the motorcyle charges the battery at between 6 and 7.5 volts depending on engine speed/battery state.
Can the mk180 cope with this or is there a better way or kit?
Thanks for your help!

In that case, you will need the 78L05 regulator.
Remove the polarity protection diode and replace it by a wire jumper, to gain 0.6V at the input
Make sure you do not invert polarity as the kit is no longer polarity protected.