MK180 changes to Power LEDs

hello everybody,
I want to change my MK180 Two channel high power flasher in the following way:

Using 1 max 4V/1000mA LED for each channel, R2 = ?, R3 = ? cooling ?
buying a stable power supply for these LED, 12 V how many Wwatts (2x(4x1000))= 8Watt/12V ?
slowing down the effect space to the half. R1= 66kOhm ?

Questions from Ulrich


12V - 4V = 8V/1000mA = 8 ohm resistor (10W)

Led cooling: sorry, check with led supplier.

Power supply: 12V 2A (24W)

Slowing down effect: Sorry, no values, please experiment.

the fastest answer i’ve got in a forum ever.

Thank you for that.

Do you sell a convenient Power supply (conrad electronic) Germany?

By Ulrich

I’m sorry but we are not aware of the Conrad range of products.