MK179 Proximity reader not working correctly


I recently purchased one of your MK179 proximity card reader kits, firstly found that two incorrect valued resistors came with the kit even though i found a post relating to this dated sep 09 your kit still seems to be shipping with these incorect value resistors, but even after building the kit with the correct resistors i have found a few problems that i would like some conformation on.

1: The software programme does not allow you to delete a single card or all cards as stated in your instructions, after trying to delete a card or all cards they still work and activate the relay (not very good security) could some please expain why this is not functioning as per your instructions.

2:Why is there no connection on the main pcb to connect an exit button to the system ??? how is someone supposed to exit the protected area if the locking device is purely electric with no mechanical lock handle available for use to exit the protected area.

a quick response would be apprieciated!!! many thanks

Most likely, this kit was still in your distributors warehouse, hence the wrong resistor values.

  1. Read the instructions carefully. When all cards are deleted, the unit functions in ‘low security’-mode and accepts all cards.
    Once a single card has been learned, it will only accept this card, no other cards.

  2. This has nothing to do with this kit.

Re question 1: OK having played with your kit further i see what your doing defaulting the system to low security mode, still not very good security as just about any prox card or token will work even if you dont want it to.

Re question 2: Sorry but dont accept your answer the kit is designed for access control and many access systems consist of a electric/eclectronic locking device that requires to be energised via an exit button. there must be somewhere on the pcb that a normally open push button could be connected to activate the relay timer.