I just joined here. I just finished building the MK164 remote volume control. Nice kit. Do I need a Velleman remote to be able to use it? None of my existing remotes seems to affect it.

It only works with Velleman Projects IR remotes.
Once you have a Velleman Projects IR remote, you can learn the code to your learning remote, if you happen to have one.

Thanks, I already have the little two channel remote on order. I don’t suppose it could teach anything else than the two commands it supports. I don’t have a learning remote but I am considering getting one. Are the commands supported by Velleman’s remotes documented in any way?

Sorry, no documentation.
The small two-channel remotes only supports volume up/down.
The K8049 remote also supports ‘MUTE’.

Volume up and down only is fine with me. I have built up the little MK162 and I believe it works. When I put a voltmeter on the collector of T1 I see a drop of about 0.5V when I press one of the buttons. But it still makes no difference to the MK164. On it the center LED is flashing at about a 1Hz rate and there is no audio passed through it. Is the flashing LED a normal power-up state or is it an error indication?

The flashing LED indicates ‘MUTE’.
Apparantly, you IR remote is not working or the MK164 is not receiving it. Therefore, it is not leaving the ‘MUTE’-state. Check your remote with a digital camera. If it is working, make sure it it set to the right address and make sure MK164 reception circuit is OK.

The MK162 supports 16 channels.
Maybe the transmitter is on the wrong channel.
These are the instructions.

Instructions for the MK162 2-Channel IR Transmitter
Hold both buttons simultaneously to change channels.
After 5s the red LED will flash at is intervals.
With every flash the next channel is selected, starting with channel 1, 2, etc.

Hope this helps.

I got it working. I had LD3 installed backwards. Surprisingly I could still see activity on the collector of T1 with a DMM. In fact turning the LED around did not make much difference to that measurement, but now I see the LED flashing dimly and the audio control is working. Case closed; thank you all.