MK161/MK162 Problems

Dear Sirs, good morning.
In the last three years I have used successfully
at least 40 pairs of Kit MK161 / MK162. Recently
I bought 4 pairs but they create problems.

  1. Operation of the old KIT MK161 / MK162.
    Output active until the corresponding control button is pressed.

  2. New operation of KIT MK161 / MK162.
    The output generates a single pulse even if it remains pressed
    the relative control button.
    MOTE: the receiver works correctly in “TOGGLE” and returns to factory setting
    (but retains the anomaly and always generates an impulse).
    The receiver is much less sensitive than previous ones.
    I noticed that the IR sensor in the form is different. In a kit the micro
    PIC12 is dead (spare parts exist?)

Same problem: I’ve just built up a driver for a motorpotentiometer but it’s unusable with this “new” pulse mode. Have you been able to solve the problem?

The new IR sensor (the old IR38DM was ok) in the kit is wrong and not working properly. I have used the TSOP34838 type with excellent results. The IR sensor sells it Distrelec ref. 301-19-235.

Thanks, but the IR sensor isn’t the Problem. What about the pulse mode?

The output is on until you keep the relative button pressed (volume up or down)