MK161 Learning Remote Question

I doubt very much there is anything that can be done but I thought I would ask anyway. I assembled an MK161 2 channel remote receiver kit with the intention of using for a practical application and with the intention of controlling it from a learning remote. I also assembled an MK162 to teach the learning remote. The MK161 unit works properly and the MK162 unit controls it properly. When I follow the learning procedure for my remote, everything works properly, as in the learning remote shows the proper number of flashes to indicate that it ‘learned’ the command properly.

However, the MK161 unit does not respond to the learning remote. I mean nothing at all. Which pretty much leaves me stymied. Any suggestions appreciated.

It looks like you ‘learning’-remote is unable to grab the MK162 code, which is strange…
This has never been reported before.

I found a different brand of learning remote that would successfully learn the mk161/mk162 codes. Once that was done, the original learning remote was able to learn the codes from the second remote. Now, everything works.