MK158 LCD Display - microcontroller source code

Noting the sensible suggestion elsewhere on this forum that the MK158 kit could be used to learn about interfacing LCD displays to PIC microcontrollers, may I ask if Velleman would consider releasing the source code for the application which is burnt into the supplied PIC16F630?

This could then be used as the basis for self-instruction or further experimentation and customisation.

The downloadable contains the VB source code for the Message Upload and Serial Display applications for a Windows PC, but does not have the source code for the microcontroller.

[Since the kit is supplied as a dedicated ‘appliance’ I understand why the code is not supplied by default, as it will probably be of no interest or revelance to the majority of purchasers, but I would find it very useful for my current project of interfacing a GPS receiver to an LCD display.]

We are sure our customers will understand that for copyright reasons we NEVER supply the source code of any of our projects.
There is plenty of example code available from many sources on the net.
Btw: Thank you smartGPx for your positive attitude towards our products and for helping out other users.