MK155 - Magic Message

I’ve just made up this kit which I bought from CPC. However the the messages come out in mirror writing. In other words I can read the message OK in a mirror but other people looking at the wand as I wave it see the words going from R to L rather than L to R. Also, how do you retain the same message when you switch on the device after not using it for a bit: every time I switch on the message moves on one.

Grateful for any advice

Check the position of the tilt switch, if there is a mechanical or assembly problem, it triggers at the wrong time.
Sorry, no way to retain last selected word.

Thanks for the quick response. However, as I wanted to use the thing yesterday evening, after posting my message I opened it up thinking that I must have put one of the components in the wrong way round. As you surmised, I had in fact reversed the rollball switch connections so after changing it round it worked fine.

The lack of an option to retain the selected word is a big design fault in my opinion and is something that would have put me off buying it in the first place. It’s also annoying not being able to know what word has been selected without memorising the sequence or asking someone what word they can see ! As a result I haven’t even tried to programme any of my own words in - that must be a nightmare !

I have, however, learned something through having to assemble the thing (when I ordered it I didn’t realise it was a kit !) : to ensure one doesn’t get globs of solder that overspill onto neighbouring contacts I chopped up the solder wire into tiny chunks about 1mm long and then picked these up with the tip of the iron. Maybe this is a well known technique to those familiar with the assembly of electronic projects - if not it might be worth mentioning it elsewhere on the forum (& on kit instructions).

Merry Xmas