Mk153 problem


I have a velleman mk153 completely build by the description but,
when I put power on it (12V and 150ma) he gives a short flash and than nothing more.
I searched for wrong soldering points but I couldn’t find them and all the resistor’s, diode’s, zenerdiode’s, IC’s, capacitors, electrolic capacitors and tulip phinheaders are in the right position and there are no solder briges between the tulip phinheaders.
and my big display is also in the right place.
even when I keep holding the button there is no response.


If there is no assembly mistake, then the problem is probably related to the PIC.
You can return it for inspection to:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

thank you for the tip :smiley: :smiley:

It happened the same to me. I sent back the PIC and Velleman replaced it at no charge.

  1. Is there a kit which uses 4 big digits like this?

  2. Is there a way to burn a customized PIC with an improved software ? Maybe with AM/PM or 24H, without the “h” between hours and minutes, just display 4 digits with “0” in front of the one digit hours. Maybe using the bottom right point etc. I mean an open source how to do it.


Sorry, no custom software