MK151 LED clock kits - wrong capacitor?

Hey guys!
I bought two of these MK151 digital LED clock kits from amazon and the child and I are working our way through them and having fun.

I’ve noticed that both kits contain a capacitor marked “6.8”, but the instructions call for a “5pF (4.7)” capacitor in C3.

I noticed one of the reviews on amazon also mentions this capacitor, but I can’t find any other reference to it online.

Is the capacitor wrong or are the instructions wrong?

Will it work with this capacitor or should I try and find a replacement?

I’d appreciate your help.

So, as confirmed by Velleman customer services, it’s the instructions that are wrong. Not the capacitor. Incase anyone was wondering…
“Dear Customer,
It seems that the instruction is not right.

Correct component should be capacitor 6.8pF.
I have informed our R&D team so that they adjust manual for MK151.
Thanks for letting us know!“