Mk147 for rc airplane as white stobe/ red anti-coll lights

Min work tension is 6V, what is the max?

Will the LED’S schine brighter with more initial tension or is this regulated onboard the print?

When i put 2 super brite trans white LEDS 20000mcd in parallel on each channel all the 2X2 LED’S strobe fine together, but when i combine 1 super brite trans white LED with a red one in parallel on the same channel, the white one doesn’t lite up anymore. What could be the problem, and how to solve this in practise?

In my case i want to put only one MK147 onboard my RC airplanes to serve 2 white strobes at the end of the main wings, and 2 anti-collision red lights top-of-tail and under the airplane.



Max voltage is 9VDC
Here are some basics on leds: