MK139, Will this be able run a household 100W lightbulb?

First of all let me thank you for making many great kits! :smiley:
Unfortunately, my electrical knowledge is minimal. I don’t understand: “relay power rating: 24VDC/AC 3A”

I would like to use this kit to control my ceiling light bulb. I’m not sure about the electrical output here in the United Kingdom for normal 100W light bulb sockets.

I’m hoping to supply the 12V/150ma with a battery and then add this circuit as a switch on the brown(live) wire leading to the light bulb socket.

I’m nearly finished assembly and I just wanted to know if this usage of your product is ok?

Many thanks!

Running the MK139 from a battery is not recommended (unless you are willing to spend a fortune on batteries…) Use a 12VDC mains adaptor instead.
The relay on the MK139 can control a 100W lightbulb, however, as this is a minikit intended for novices, we rate it at 24V.
Unless you know what you are doing, or unless you can get help from a licensed electrician, we do not recommend that you connect this kit to the mains.
Please seek local help and make sure your assembly complies with all local requirements.

Thank you for your quick response! :smiley:

I will by a DC adaptor to power the kit.

I’ll try playing around with connecting this to battery operated lights first. However, as you say the relay can handle the current running through a light socket, I do one day strive to do this safely. I shall consult an electrician first though.

Thanks again for your help and advise! :slight_smile:
I hope to have fun building many of your kits.

P.S. Maplin doesn’t supply all of your products, are there any other suppliers in the UK?

Visit here for a list of dealers in the United Kingdom.

What are the precise specs of this relay? Does 10A 240VDC mean that the unit can handle 10x240=2400 watt?
Also, does it matter if I run 230VAC through it instead of 230VDC? I read on some forums that VDC is more problematic for relays, so I figure that 240VAC shouldn’t be a problem if the unit can handle 240VDC.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

240VAC should not be a problem, if all safety regulations that might apply are kept in mind.
Max. current is 3A (this is limited by the PCB tracks, relay can handle more).