MK139 techical description

I have bought your mini kit MK 139 clap on/off and I have successfully build it and it works but please could you send me some technical information that explains the scheme of this kit , like what does exactly each of the ICs do when you clap and how does the signal travel.
I would need a description of the elements just like you did for the kit digital tachometer K2625 in it’s manual under ‘‘function’’.
I really need this and I hope i will receive your answer.
Thank you, Dragan

Sorry, no technical descriptions available. This circuit is not ‘rocket science’. Common parts and techniques are used. The op-amp circuit can be found in any text book on electronics. The processor just looks at the square wave produced by the analog circuit. If the timing is correct, it turns on the relay.

thanks for the information anyway but I thought that you still have some description like you did for the digital tachometer which is also no ‘‘rocket-science’’.