MK139 problems - VR1

Hi everyone, I have finnished soldering this kit and seem to have the same problems as everyone else, the clap light just stays on… I checked the advice on here to no avail, cannot see any soldering problems. I did however notice that when i plug in the power VR1 heats up really really hot very quickly! this cant be normal! i checked its connections and they are fine … I am using 12V power at 210mA is this too high? it said on the Maplin FAQ that it was fine … any help would be apreciated …

210mA is way too high ! There must be an assembly problem somewhere.
Unplug all IC’s and check if all supply voltages are present. If necessary, replace regulator.

Ok, thanks for the help, so what power input should I be using? it recommends 150mA on maplin but says you can use something close …

Is the unit drawing 210mA or is you PSU rated at 210mA ? There is a big difference. A PSU rated for 210mA or more is fine. If the kit draws 210mA, there is a problem.

It is the PSU … It is 12V 210mA, I am not sure what it is drawing as I do not own a multimeter :frowning: but when I plug this PSU in VR1 (the transistor looking one) gets incredibly hot … any suggestions?