MK139 - IC2 not operating as expected

I have just assembled this and the 12C508A chip seems to have all the correct voltages and recieves up to a 4.7v signal from the clap detection circuit. Hoever it does not show any output on pin 7. After a random interval of around 30 seconds pin 7 goes high and the relay switches on but it waits a similar random time before going off. Is the IC faulty or incorrectly programmed ?

Please advise.

Thanks - Roadster

We can test your PIC controller and send you a new one, free of charge if he’s faulty.

Please send it to:

Attn. Pascal De Petter - PIC programming service.
Legen Heirweg 33

Thanks for that offer.
It seems to have started working more predictably now. Although on powering up there is a delay before the relay will trigger of about 30 seconds. Perhaps I was just being too impatient !

This delay should not be there.
Are you sure this is not a PSU or mechanical problem ?

:question: I’m new to mini kits - just doing MK138 & 139 :slight_smile: . Where are you supposed to get dedicated PSUs (i.e. mains adapter)for the ones that need them instead of batteries?
And with the right size DC jack plug (plug spec/dimensions are not mentioned in the instructions) :confused:

Your Velleman distributor is the best place to look for a suitable adaptor and a standard adaptor plug (the one that comes with 99% of all adaptors) is fine.