MK138 Thermostat kit Query

The MK138 specification gives the relay switch rating as 24VDC/AC @ 3A.
Yet the relay is capable of switching 240VAC @ 7A. VR15M121C 15A/28VDC-125VAC 7A/220VAC.
I need a thermostat to switch 240VAC @ 500mA.
Will the MK138 circuit switch 240VAC @ 500mA? If yes, why is the specification wrong?

Thanks for any assistance.



The specifications are not wrong.
The relay is specified at 7A but the PCB tracks can only handle 3A.
The relay is suited for 240VAC operation, however, as this is a minikit intended for novices, we specify a (safe) 24VDC/AC.
If you know what you are doing and if you make sure that your assembly complies with all applicable regulations, then it is not a problem to use the contacts at 240VAC/500mA