MK138 NC position Max Amps

Hi, I know the PCB traces of the MK138 are max 3 amps at 28VDC and the relay is rated for much more power.

I have been running MK138 at 12 VDC at 6 amps through the unit with no problem for weeks with a cooling application, so I am using the NC circuit to supply the 6 amps.

But recently I noticed that the relay sometimes runs hot. It is about 140 F on the surface, but it is intermittant, sometimes it is just warm.

However, recently I also found a very strange situation. The unit LED on (NC circuit is closed), but the NC circuit is still powering the cooling system! Now I am wondering if the NC circuit on the switch is rated lower than the NO cicruit.

My question is what is the maximum AMPS of the Relay’s NC circuit?
Is it less than the NO circuit?
Is there a data sheet for the relay?

Thanks in advance!

NO and NC have same rating.
All available specs can be found here: