MK138 have to connect two 12v fans each

Hello everyone, my english is very bad and I use Google Translator, sorry, I have the kit MK138 already assembled, I think it’s all ok, I need to know where I have to connect two 12v fans each, I have connected the thermistor in MK1 and the feeding 12v in SK2, where I have to connect the + and the - of the fans ?. the SK3 puts NO, COM and NC, I do not know where they connect.
Thank you

Instead of the plug in the picture below it will come from a DC adapter or batteries.

You can also get more information that may help you in the future in this download.

Good morning, thanks for the quick response, but I still do not understand it, I connect the feed, in the SK2, + and -, in the + the feed + of the fans and the -.
I try to connect the fans - in SK3 one by one and nothing, the fans connecting them to 12v work, the MK138 plate, it does all the correct process, but it does not activate the fans, I send it photo.
Thank you.

Try this.

Hello, thank you, everything is perfect, the only thing I will change the resistance R6 120K / R5 56K: temperature range from 16 to 60 degrees, because with those of the kit they are activated right away.
Thank you

No problem at all,
Just glad you could make out the mess I made of your picture.