Mk138 different sensor

I’m using a different (automotive) NTC with the mk138.
In the range I want to use it, the NTC has a resistance of 100 to 300 ohm.
The kit uses a 10K NTC with 10K R4.

I was thinking of changing R4 for 200 ohm. Would this give me the desired result or would this low resistance pull to much current from the LM324?

This will very likely load the LM324 too much.
Use 7805 regulator instead.

thx for the quick answer.
So I replace the entire bit before the sensor (the zener, 1K resistor and the IC1C opamp) with a LM7805, correct?

I could keep the original circuit and use a resistor in series like 5K or so, but than I suppose I will have very little adjustment possibilities? The range of my sensor only changes 200 ohm in the area I’m using it.

Yes, that is correct.