Mk136 super stereo ear distortion

I just built this kit, and ran the output to a home stereo and I get distortion.

When I have the gain control low enough so the distortion isn’t bad, the volume is too low to be useful.

Anybody have any pointers on this?


What kind of ‘distortion’ do you get?
Does it work fine with a headphone?
Can you set it to a reasonable volume without distortion?

I dunno what kind of distortion… Like the kind that a heavy metal band would like on their guitar? Overdrive?

It doesn’t seem like I can set it to a reasonable volume without distortion.

I have not tried it with headphones, as I don’t have any with a mini plug.

Most likely you are overdriving the input of the stereo system. Did you connect it to the phono input of the stereo?