MK133 + Learning Resources Light and Sounds Buzzers


This is my first project using Velleman circuits. I am no expert with electricity, arduino, circuits and so on; nevertheless I’m good following instructions and always open to learning.

I’m on this project for our Church’s Bible Month celebration where we’ll have a Jeopardy Style game, I offered to work on the “hard” part which was the circuit and the buttons and so on. I was able to get a Velleman MK133 got it to work as expected. All four lights lit separately depending on which was pressed first and the reset buttons does its job pretty well.

Now to make it fun I wanted to use bigger buttons that were more eye catching and interesting to use, the default ones are too small for a game show. I got myself these Buttons with LEDs and a Buzzer integrated found in this link.

By using this diagram I was able to slightly modify the buttons to be able to send the signal to any receiver I wish ie. MK133. The modification which is not great thing is found here.

This is my “working” LRLS Buzzers working, they buzz and turn on as soon as the buttons is pressed only if both cables are together completing the “circuit”.

Now I’m trying to integrate these buttons to the MK133, but they don’t work how I was expecting. When I use the LRLS Buzzers plugged to the SW1, SW2 or any of the four the buttons only turn on the MK133 leds for the player which is still working how it should, but I want the Leds and Buzzers in the buttons to trigger as well. How can I achieve this? Don’t know why, but in my head I’m thinking on a “relay” not 100% how it works.

I need the LRLS Buzzers to buzz and lit when pressed and at the same time send the signal to the MK133 to lock down the other switches/buttons/leds that were slower to press.

Can this be done? Is there a way to lit both the button and the MK133? Thanks from now on with all the help provided.



For those who are interested, I was able to solve this. Adding a resistor and a transistor to the Switch connection provided the “switch” like function to transfer volts back to the “light and sounds” button and both the MK133 and the Learning Resources button lit up when pressed.

*Sorry no one replied. But there is the solution.

Hello Eddy,

I’m trying to do exactly the same as you did with MK133 kit and Learning Resources’ buttons (just the buzzer only version, no light in the buttons). Could you explain the solution you found, please?
I have basic knowledge about electronics, and it would be very apreciated if you could share the solution you applied, or any clue about it.

Thank you very much