MK133- 12vDC and connecting ledstripts

For an event I need to build a quiz table with bigger lights and think MK133 is what I need for that.

Reading the forum it appears the MK133 could run on 12vDC and thus I’d like to attach 12vDC car light led-script to each button/led of the MK133.

Since the schema is not clear in de docs but I read it has out-ports set for each button would these, if these indeed are on the board, providing 9vDC.

Or in other words can I run the board on 12vDC and attach 4 leds-strips to it directly?

I need the board to function and incorporated in a table by mid October so any help is welcome! Thanks in advance!

The board will run from 12V without modifications.
Each output can handle up to 50mA.
Take care when you put the buttons at a remote location.
It is best to use relays, to avoid false triggering due to interference.
Connect the relay contacts to the button inputs of the unit and make sure the distance between the board and the relay contact is a close as possible.
Use a different power supply for the relays.

Hi, I want to have a robust buttons, sharper lights and a buzzers in boxes away from the board/ quiz master, at each quiz player’s desk. On the Velleman MK133 quiz table board kit I just built I see what appears be an additional switch point (solder holes) and also what looks like a power tap off with a “positive side” indicator next to each switch. How do I use them to do what I want.
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The kits are very resistant to interference - I have successfully had buttons up to 25m away from the circuit board - I use shielded cable just in case.

The tap_offs next to each button on the edge of the PCB are for external buttons, while the ones between the buttons with the +/- indicators are to drive external lights. If you use external LED’s you will need to put resistors into the circuits.

Can I use (4) Velleman K8015 relais for light up switch 1,2,3,4 ?

(from 9 volts to 220VAC - ordinary lamps)

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