MK130 Xmas Tree

Old hand at building these xmas themed kits - bit of a xmas tradition with the kids for a number of years.

This one has me stumped.

Done the usual and checked for backward components (capacitors, led’s ), bad solder etc. But it doesn’t light up.

Time to get out the trusty meter.

I can see approx 9v going into R1 and approx 9v on the other side with 9v going into LED 4 as per the circuit diagram. So power is getting to the first LED in the circuit.

However, there is only 1.8v coming out of LED4 - that’s seems a big voltage drop over the LED ? Or am I on the wrong path ?

If I take the output of LED4 to ground it also doesn’t light. LED is good, removed and tested on the DMM. (1.67v across the legs in diode mode).

Thoughts anyone ?


It was a noob mistake :slight_smile: All working now

Hello Andy,

Nice to hear it’s working :wink:
Well done! :+1:

Best regards,
Velleman Support