I am faily new to electronics as opposed to electrics, I have made up the MK125 mini kit and want to use it as a stand alone (Self contained, Solar powered) dummy alarm for a farm that only works at night.
but I am a little confused, I am using a 12v blue flashing led as my bulb, a 12v 1000mah rechargable battery and have connected it as per the kit diagram?
nothing happens?
Do I have to connect another 12v battery as another power supply to the other end of the board showing ‘12VCD/100mA’ in order to make the system work, or can I use the same battery that is powering the bulb[img?
plus I want to wire in a 12v solar panel to charge up the battery/ies, where and how would I connect it?
ps. how do Insert a picture of my project?

You need 12VDC to power the kit at the power supply input AND you need to supply power for the blue LED (see diagram in manual)
Both supplies can be drawn from the same 12V battery.
You also need a solar charger, which needs to be connected to the battery.
Please note that running the LED continuously will probably be more economical than using the MK125 to turn it on at night. The MK125 relay power consumption will be a lot more than the blue LED power consumption.

You cannot insert a picture, you can only supply a link to e.g. a free online picture base.

Seems to have done the trick, one battery running both the board and the light, Solar now connected.
However…I find that the solenoid switch is a bit iffy, if I cover the LDR and adj it the light starts flashing, then when I uncover the LDR I have to make a slight adj to get it to stop, if I cover it again then I have to adj it to get it flashing and when I uncover it, it requires another very slight adj to make it stop? Why does it not start and stop on its own as it is supposed to do?

Having tried this out last night in the dark it seems that it will only work if I use the pot to adjust the relay? then it only seems to work as a manual switch, the photocell doesn’t seem to be working???

In order to make sure that the problem is not related to an assembly problem, can you provide links to HI-RES and SHARP pics of your assembly?

Sorry to being a bit slow, but how do I do that?

As i’ve mentioned before, please use a free online picture base and paste the links to the pics in your post.

But I still don’t know what a free online picture base is…or where to find one, or at least Iv’e never had to use anything called this before?

It is a an online place where you can post pictures.
Try ‘Google’. … c4lOHtU2Sw
I had no idea you could do that with google?

Well I think it may be sort of working…When I cover it up there are delays of between 5sec to 1min+, and the same when I uncover it the delays are similar? there doesn’t seem to be a constant time for this switch to both turn on and turn off, it does seem to be intermittent? sometimes staying on when uncovered?
now that I have connected the solar panel to the battery/system it is still flashing even though it is incovered and in full daylight?

Originaly I didn’t think it was working because of the delays, I thought it would just turn on when covered and turn off when uncovered.

Do you also have a picture of the bottom of the board?

It seems to have settled down a bit now and will switch on and off albeit with delays, however what sort of voltage will this switch work with? ie. if the battery drops down below 12v will it affect the working of this unit, bearing in mind the battery is being charged by a trickle charge 12v solar panel.

It will probably work fine till 10-11VDC.