Hello, is there a way that i can change the difference between switching on/off time of the MK125? I mean, it must switch on at a point of 80% light, and turns of at 100% light.
I got the feelin’ that the difference is now somewhere about 3%. If someone can help me please… (I’m dutch so i’m sorry for the bad language)

You can increase hysteresis by adding a resistor from the output to the non-inverting input (+) of the op-amp.
Sorry, no values, please experiment (e.g. 100K)

Thanks for the answer, but my problem still stands, when it is almost dark enough to switch on, my unit start to turn on, and after a half minute it turns of to turn on a little later. It is really anoyin. I hope there is an other way to solve this problem, a sugestion maybe?

you have to increase hysteresis even more