MK125 driven by HAA27 not working

I want to use this (light sensitive switch) kit with the power (+ or -) driven by an alarm switch HAA27.
My waiting is that when the switch goes ON (when opening the door), the power comes to the kit (12V/47mA).
It does well when the contact closes, but when it must re-open (magnet acting) it stays closed as “pasted”!
I have to switch off the power or strike the contact to get it free again.
I don’t understand why it fails because
The MK125 consums 50 mA
the HAA27 can hold 300mA, then it’s not a question of too big current!
I already tried to fit a 1N4001 diode between the ILS contacts without any improvement!
I also tried to increase the current consumption till 100mA, same result!

It would be nice to help me.


Sorry, we do not understand what you are trying to do.
Please supply more details and preferably a diagram that shows how you’ve connected things.