MK124: did I mess up soldering?

I’ve done a fair amount of soldering before, but never to such tight tolerances as the gaps between the holes for the MK124 kit.

After soldering the first few jumpers in, I realized that I may have unintentionally made the solder joints too large, so that the solder unintentionally contacts the copper pads for adjoining holes.

Problem is, I don’t have an image of the PMK124-1 circuit board before any soldering to know if I’ve messed up or not. I do see shorting, for example, between the J2 holes and the holes directly “below” (toward the bottom of the board).

Can you tell if I messed up? If so, should I attempt to de-solder and try again but using less solder? I looked but couldn’t find an image of the PMK124-1 board non-component side; do any exist?

Any advice appreciated.


Can you provide LINKS to HI-RES and SHARP pics of your solder job, so that we can have a look and maybe spot the problem?