MK120 - IR Light Barrier Kit

I have recently purchased several of the MK120 kits for an alarm project. One is assembled and though it works well, it’s maximum range is just over one yard or about one meter. This is just too short for my application which has a nine foot or three meter requirement. Your web page, advertising, and kit manual all specify the maximum range at approximately 13.5 feet/4 meters.

First, do these really work to 13.5 feet or is that spec a product of advertising? Second, if they do have a true 13.5 foot range, what might be wrong in this case? Lastly, if they don’t have a true 13.5 foot or even 8 foot range, what modifications should I make to get that range.

Range reduction can be caused by light. Reduce the amount of light where the kit is used. (This kit should not be used outdoors.)

Range can be affected by assembly of the kit. Check that the ceramic caps are in correctly. I have seen reduced range when these caps were swapped from transmitter to receiver.

Low batteries can also reduce range.