MK111 single cycle (single shot)?


 Just wondering if it is possible to modify the MK111 so that it will only do a single cycle (pause and pulse)? 

I want to set it up on my Time Lapse motion controller (VM188) so that it triggers my camera to fire. I want it so that once the motion stops there is (pause 1sec to wait for camera shake to stop, pulse 3sec to make camera fire) then my VM188 will take over again some time later to carry on the motion and the cycle repeats.

 I know that my VM188 can be set to single shot and I have just bought the MK111 thinking that it could do the same. I don't want to swap them over.

  Can the MK111 be modified for single shot?


Please search the net for ‘555 timer single shot’.
Most likely, you will find a schematic that will allow you to modify your MK111.