MK107 Help needed to adapt for display use

I need help adapting the MK107 so it can be used with a product display. Instead of using a 9v battery, I will be using an AC adapter to provide 9v dc. I will be using remote LED’s to highlight product features on a counter display I’ve made. The LED’s need to work in the 1st program mode (one at a time, slow speed) . Is there any way to have the IC2 chip always go directly to the 1st program mode when power is applied so my displays will start working correctly when the AC adapter is plugged in? Also, can the speed be slowed down further by changing the value of C3, R9, R10 or RV1. I will want to purchase several dozen of these kits if these changes can be made.

Sorry, no modifications.
Hint: try bypassing SW2 with an electrolytic cap. Experiment with different values. It might work