MK106 Metronome - No speed control


I just built the metronome and am very excited to use it! However, adjusting the beats/min dial is ineffective and the volume dial is basically on/off. What steps should I take to troubleshoot this? This is my first build so I’m not sure how to diagnose/solve issues.


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Based on the symptoms, it seems the potentiometers RV2 and RV3 are swapped…
Should be:
RV2 : 1M ohm (BEATS/MIN)
RV3 : 100 ohm (VOLUME)

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Ah okay, so the pots in RV2 and RV3 are different values despite being the same size? It definitely makes sense that that would be the source of the error. I assumed the smaller one was the smaller value and the larger two were the same.