MK105 questions

I have assembled two MK105 signal generators. after having issues with the first one I went and purchased a second one. I am having the same problems with both of them. I have a inexpensive beginner oscilloscope it’s a DSO 062 by I can get the scope to work when I use the multi function terminal on the scope itself and and on the FG085 mini DDS function generator. But when I use the MK105 I do not get any type of clear signal on any of the four output signals. I do not see any difference from one output to the other. Does anyone have any input. Is there any way to confirm that the MK105 is working correctly, and what is the intended use or best use for the MK105. Thank you in advance.

Did you select one single output waveform by means of the supplied jumper?

Can you supply LINKS to HI-RES and SHARP pics of your assembly (both SOLDER- and COMPONENTSIDE)?