MK105 Higher Output?


Concerning the MK105 Signal Generator, is it possible to get a higher output voltage than 100mV? For example 775mV would be nice (= 0dBu Studio Level).

Thank you in advance

That would require a substantial modification and addition of components.
A completely different circuit would be a better solution in such case.

Sorry to revive this old thread, but I pretty much have the same question. Except I’m looking for an output of up to 1,5V

Is the 9V input really that drastically dropped? Or is there a way to modify the following circuit on the output side in such a way, that one can dial in anything between 0.5V to 1,5V? … _mk105.pdf

What options are there to mod? And if there are, how do we do this?
I’m fine with soldering on some cables and doing the mod on a breadboard. I wanted to put this kit into a dedicated case anyway.

Maybe not the answer you want, but I finally combined MK105 with preamp K1803 … and it does well for me. The K1803 also works well with 9V but I exchanged the IC LM358 to an “Linear Technology LT1013” to get lower distortion.

May I ask how you did that?

And do you get anything between 0,7V and 2V on the output side of the preamp? Of so, combining these two modules might be of interest.


I simply connected both kits in series (MK105-Output to K1803-Input). And I´ve adjusted trimmer RV1 of the MK105 to get a maximum output-voltage behind the K1803 of 2V, if it’s trimmer is set to maximum.

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