MK103 Sound to Light - problem


I am new to electronics soldering and have only completed a basic learning to solder kit with a siren and flashing LED. I struggled a bit with the MK103 kit due to the smaller size of the PCB.

My build of MK103 does not work. All four LEDs are dead. Can someone take a look at the attached pictures?

thanks in advance!


Component orientation and values look OK as far as we can see.
We cannot tell if BC547 and BC557 have not been mixed up but we assume you have checked this.
As for the solderings, a couple of them look like they could do with some re-work.
Make sure solderings are not touching eachother when they should not touch (if any doubt, chekc with a multimeter).
Careful: do not heat too long, this could lead to damaged parts or PCB tracks/pads.