MK103 how to add preamp?

I have put together the sound to light kit. It works but for my purpose of using it with people with special needs it has to be more sensitive to softer sounds. It cannot pick up some of the more wispy voices of the kids I work with. The potentiometer is up all the way. Someone suggested a preamp but my skills are in therapy and not electronics. Velleman has a little preamp kit

  1. but would this be added in where the microphone goes or where in the MK103 would I place this?
  2. Is there a better way to make this more sensitive to lighter sounds like a child’s voice?

Strange that it is not sensitive enough. The unit is really super sensitive.
Theoretically, it is possible to add a preamp, however, it has never been tested and it is possible that it requires some circuit changes along the way, so it really needs to be performed by somebody who is able to solve problems that might arise during the modification. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with customizing of our projects. Maybe you can get local help from a hobbiest or professional ?
Anyway, the pre-amp reference is K1803