MK 180 hp leds ?resistor value

just did build the mk 180 with the included leds works fantastic !
question is, i did get (buy) two "velleman l-hp 3 pwn ,3w ,1amp 3.5 volt "leds on a cooling base wich resitor do i use for one on each channel when i remove the orginal led boards ;
i do have 1 watt emmitors as well who run normaly on 3.5 volts wich resistor do they need ?each time only one led wil be used per side

System wil run on 12 volt …
Could not find a voltage spec on the instuctions regarding the output of each channel,it only says max 3 amp

12V use:
For 3W led, use an 8 ohm/10W resistor
For 1W led, use a 27 ohm / 5W resistor

Make sure to mount the leds on a heatsink !

Thanks for all help strobe is running fine!
Meantime I learned the output is 12 v like you wrote
My personal foult , I did try to take the voltage from the channel output while the strobe was running with the supplied led set so it was reading between 4-6 volt
Till I did cut them free so I became shure of the voltage
The LEDs are stil as supplied on a star cooling base with no extra heatsink
they stay cool probably due the slow dubble flash mode shosen
Thanks for helping me out the guesswork :unamused: