Mk 136

Im beginning to wonder these velleman people have not answered my post yet ,do I need to start complaining , I dont like to complain ,I am posting , asking for help ,I put this mk 136 super ear kit together and it does nothing but light a led , I asked send me a photo of the pc board to , Enable me to see and trace maybe there is somewhere that should be jumped , I dont know may I should start posting on all the sites Warn others so they dont waist there money ,get back with me velleman make things right at least try ,… Thank You… Bear

We have answered your post here:

Once again:
We are willing to take a look at your assembly and provide feedback, if you provide pictures of both solder and component side.
If you cannot provide pictures or you are not willing to provide pictures, you can talk to a tech at (817) 284 77 85.
If your problem cannot be solved by phone, you can return your kit for inspection/repair. Should the problem be caused by a manufacturing error, we’ll fix it for free.