MK 132 seaker cable checker: works, but how do I use it

Assembled the MK 132 Speaker cable checker. It seems to work, but I do not know how to use to get the measurements I need.

  1. Do I connect it to the speaker cables that are connected to the speaker, or do I measure the speaker cables coming from the amplifier?
  2. If I just connect the red and black clamps to the speaker itself, on every speaker i get the " short" light. Seems correct, since te measuring device cloes the loop that way, so yes, tehre’s a short. But it does not tell polarity.
  3. What to do with the remote thingy. I can measure that thing with the mainboard MK 132, and then is does tell polarity (yeah, well the remote is just a diode, so it measures polarity of the diode). It does tell correctly the polarity from the remote, but, how on earth do I combine remote and main board to measure polarity of the speaker?

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Ah, I found out already. You don’t check speakers, just paired cables. One end you clip the remote, on the other end, you indeed measure the remote by clicjing the main gadget on the other end of the cable. Nifty…

You can check the speaker’s “polarity” by connecting a 1.5V cell (AAA, AA. C, D – doesn’t matter) to the wires/terminals. When the speaker cone moves outward with the battery connected, the positive cell terminal is connected to the positive speaker lead.